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Hi, I’m Laura, the owner of Delightfully Delicious Dog Treats.  It has always been my dream to have a job that focused on animals as they are my passion.  When my health started to suffer while working for corporate America I decided it was now or never and so Delightfully Delicious was born.  I have always enjoyed baking and now I could combine two of my favorite things, dogs and baking, and make a safe alternative for all the treats manufactured in China that were being recalled for killing dogs.  I haven’t looked back since.

When I’m not in the bakery I enjoy competing in dog sports with my 2 beagle mixes Jack and Leo.  We compete in agililty, flyball, and lure coursing.  My boys and I also enjoy hiking the local trails and swimming whenever we get the chance.

I am also active in our local rescue community and we have opened our house to many foster dogs over the years. I have made a dog lover out of my husband who never had animals growing up.

Our Story


I am an avid New Kids on the Block fan and have been to many of their concerts.


I like to try my hand at many different activities with wheel thrown pottery being one of my favorites.


I have a fear of flying but I have been to Australia.

Fun Facts

We are proud to make and market all-natural oven-baked treats. Our philosophy is simple: the best and safest ingredients for our friends. We use all natural ingredients; never any by-products, artificial preservatives, or flavors.

Our ingredients are delivered by fine restaurant suppliers who typically scratch their heads when we tell them their high-quality ingredients are going into dog treats!

All ingredients are US sourced and our treats are made in our own bakery. We mix, bake, package and ship from our own facility.

Our Philisophy

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