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Treat Feeding Safety: For Kids

It's always good to remind children of the right way to give treats to a pup!

As much as it can be tempting for kids to feed their furry friends, make sure to supervise and ensure that treats are given in moderation and of a size appropriate for your pup.

Make sure they wait until after the dog has completed a requested task and praise them with a treat then.

Also, remind your children to always approach dogs slowly and let the dog sniff their hand before giving them a treat.

✨Most importantly, discuss when it’s not appropriate to give treats —like if the dog is jumping or barking— so you can help ensure both your children and pup remain safe.

Additionally, be aware of how much you're providing at once - that way your pet doesn't become too full or overwhelmed with snacks. In addition, when kids are involved in treat-feeding make sure they aren't overdoing it - that could potentially cause weight gain or an upset stomach. By following these simple guidelines, both children and dogs can benefit from a fun treat-feeding experience!


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